As a child, Shani spent all of her childhood summers in Israel with her family. The daily beach trips, juicy watermelon, and stints in her grandmothers kitchen nurtured her love of cooking and travel. As soon as she was able to venture out on her own, she decided to travel as much as possible, allowing new experiences to broaden her horizons and inspire new and inventive cuisine.


In addition to the many many trips to Israel; her travels include several visits to Japan including Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto, Hakone, and Matsushima. She's been all over France, having lived briefly in Tours, and traveled through Paris, Bourge, and to the wine caves in Vouvray. She's thrown back drinks in the oldest bar in Seville, Spain, and spent countless hours eating tapas in Barcelona and admiring the works of Gaudi. She literally ate her way through Rome, noting the decadent texture of the hazelnut gelato.